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We, as Hatko Group of Companies, serve in fields of Dairy Equipment, Synthetic Grass, Construction and Housing Projects which we were expertized since the year of 1985. Having 33 years of experience, we feel proud and content as we have undertaken various domestic or international projects.

Having extended goals and aiming to be a worldwide brand we have never given concession from quality and our profound belief on our people. we became a worldwide brand where we represent our country whilst our export operations to 79 countries worldwide. We share the proud and joy with people of our country on that we have been nominated to Guiness World Record by having completed our world’s largest synthetical grass project.

By the year 2014, we have started to produce Cow Mattresses / Calf Hutches and Cow Comfort Brushes to create comfort, efficiency.

"Just Use it"

We are awarded "the most innovative product" by TIM (Turkish Exporters' Assembly) for the "cow mattress" export we issued in 2014.


Hatko Cow Mattress are designed for both fatling and dairy cattle in farm and village barns in order to create advantage for usage and to lower the labor factor

Cow Mattress are ideal to avoid lower sperm quality in fatling cattle, which arise as a result of catching cold in animals, by isolating them from wet and cold floor. Also, Cow Mattress are good for avoiding deformation of breast in dairy cattle which arise as a result of cold weather as well as formation of mastisis (breast suppuration). It was observed that dairy cattle, which become free of germs and away from cold weather by usage of animal bed, gave out more milk. Hatko Cow Mattress were totally produced in factory of Hatko and animal health was prioritized during production process. As a result of laboratory tests, stiffness of the floor were adjusted to optimum level and fraction of roof was avoided.

By the help of customized duct design of Hatko Cow Mattress, localization of animal dirt and bug infestation around or under the bed was avoided. As a result of mass studies by Hatko Research and Development engineers, innovative drainage system and special air ducts aimed to provide comfort and hygiene for animals.

It is probable that these products, with increased number of usage in Turkey, may become one of prequisite equipment under the Standards for Animal Welfare in EU. It was produced in accordance with IPARD project of TKDK by Ministry of Agriculture which supported by EU.






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